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Birth Plan

Birth Plan & Newborn Care Worksheet

A birth plan is a written list of your preferences to be used as a guide for how you would like your labor, delivery and newborn care to be done. Read or print our birth plan worksheet in English or Spanish.

Completing a birth plan worksheet gives you a chance to think about and discuss with your caregiver how you would like your baby’s birth and care to be ideally handled. You cannot control every aspect of labor and delivery, but a printed document gives you a place to make your requests clear. Just remember that you will need to be flexible in case something comes up that requires your birth team to depart from your choice.

Having a written birth plan also helps refresh your caregiver’s memory when you are in labor. And it also informs your birth and newborn team — such as your labor-and-delivery nurse — about your preferences when you are in active labor.

Read and print out our birth plan worksheet and bring to the hospital with you.


Download in English  |  Download in Spanish